Cleaning Instructions

Important instructions for the cleaning and disinfecting of your control panel.

The Synergy, Vision, Acuity, Carbonite, Carbonite Black, and TouchDrive control panels must not be exposed to liquids. The opening around the buttons go directly onto the circuit boards inside the control panel and liquids leaking into the panel can cause damage to the equipment. Additionally, the mnemonics in the Synergy, Vision, and Carbonite panels are exposed and susceptible to damage from even small amounts of liquids.

  • ONLY use damp disinfecting wipes or a cloth dampened with a cleaning solution on the control panel surfaces.
  • AVOID getting any liquid on the mnemonic displays of the Synergy, Vision, or Carbonite control panels.
Important: Care must be taken to ensure that no liquids leak into the control panel or gets on the mnemonic displays.