To Select an Export Destination

You can set up to nine export destinations, each with a different export format. Destination folders should only be located on network drives or high-speed USB drives (USB 2.0/3.0/3.1) mounted on the server.

Important: Do not select an export destination on the system (C:) or media drive (H:) of the server. These drives are reserved for the operating system and media playout and recording. Exporting to either of these drives could cause video errors and system instability.
  1. Click Configure > Export Configuration.

  2. Click the Destination X tab for the destination you want to set up or edit.
  3. Select Enable this destination to make this destination available for export.

    Destination 1 is always available for export.

  4. In the Destination Name field, enter a new name for the destination tab.
  5. Click Export Type and select the codec you want to use for the export.
    Note: Only Abekas native .clip and AVC-Intra .mxf are available when operating in a 1080p video format.
  6. Click Change and select the network drive or USB folder that you want to export to.
  7. Click Select Folder.

    The selected folder is shown in the Export directory field.

  8. In the Media File Name Information area, select what information is included in the media file name.
  9. In the Playlist Media File area, select how you want to melt the Play List (Replay only).
    • Melt Playlist as One Media FilePlay List is exported as a single file.
    • Melt Playlist as Many Media FilesPlay List is exported as multiple files.
  10. In the Melt Options area, select whether to add time to the head and tail of each clip in the Play List.
  11. Select additional export destination as required.
  12. Click Verify Export Destinations to verify that all destination can be found.

    A message is shown next to the button stating that all destination are valid, or that destinations are missing. The destinations that are missing are highlighted in yellow.

  13. Click OK.