Generic RossTalk Device

The generic device allows you to set up the switcher to output RossTalk commands to any device that accepts RossTalk commands.

Switcher Communication Setup

The switcher must be set up to send the RossTalk commands.

To Set Up Ethernet Communications

  1. Press MENU > SYSTEM > NEXT > NEXT > Device Config
  2. Press Add and use the Slot knob to select an ethernet connection (Slot #).
  3. Use the Type knob to select RossTalk.
  4. Press NEXT.
  5. Use the SubType knob to select Generic_1.0.
  6. Press NEXT.
  7. Use the Field knob to select the segment of the IP address you want to edit and the Value knob to select the number.
  8. Press NEXT.
  9. Use the Option and Value knobs to complete the setup.
    Option Value
    Port Set the port on the device that you are connecting to.
    Tip: If you are using multiple RossTalk connections, it is recommended that you increment the port number for each device.
    Transport Select whether the network TCP (TCP) or UDP (UDP) is used to communicate with the device.
    PreRll Set the number of the frames that the switcher waits after sending the play command to a CG before taking the source on-air.
    RollClp Turn the Roll Clip feature on or off (the Roll Clip button must be on for this setting to apply).
    RollCmd Select whether the Take Next command (Next) or GPI trigger (GPIX) is sent for a Roll Clip event.
  10. Press the Option knob and Confirm to add the device.

RossTalk Control

The switcher interface allows you to send a number of commands to other devices that support RossTalk.

Tip: All the RossTalk controls can be recorded to a custom control on the switcher.

To access the control options, press the video source button that you have set up as the video input from the device.

Table 1. Supported RossTalk Commands
Menu Item Description
GPI Selects the GPI you want to trigger. This is the GPI input on the device, and not the GPI output on the switcher.
Custom Control Select the custom control (Bank and Custom) that you want to run. This is the custom control on the device, and not the custom control on the switcher.