This setup information applies to the Cheetah and Cougar using the CPU Link protocol.

Cable Connections

The Cheetah connects to the switcher over an RS-232 serial connection to a DB9 port on the switcher and a DB9 port on the device.

The Cougar connects to the switcher over an RS-422 serial connection to a DB9 port on the switcher and a DB9 port on the device.

Important: Pins 4 and 6, and pins 7 and 8 on the Cheetah must be tied together.
Table 1. Switcher to Cheetah Cable Connections
Acuity (Remote Port) Cheetah (COM 1 Port)
2 (Tx) 2 (Rx)
3 (Rx) 3 (Tx)
5 (GND) 5 (GND)
n/c 4-6 (tied)
n/c 7-8 (tied)
Table 2. Switcher to Cougar Cable Connections
Acuity (Remote Port) Cougar (PESA Port)
2 (Rx-) 3 (Tx-)
3 (Tx+) 2 (Rx+)
7 (Rx+) 8 (Tx+)
8 (Tx-) 1 (Rx-)

Switcher Setup

The switcher must be set up to communicate with the router, as well as associate the video inputs that are coming into the switcher from the router with the specific router they are coming from.

To Set Up Communications

  1. Press HOME > Setup > Installation > Com Setup
  2. Press Type and use the Com Port knob to select the remote port that you want to set up for the device.
  3. Use the Device knob to select Router.
  4. Press Select Device and use the Device knob to select Pesa.
  5. Press Com Type and use the Type knob to select the transmission standard for your device.
    • Cheetah — select RS-232
    • CougarRS-422
  6. Press Com Settings and use the Baud and Parity knobs to select the baud and parity for your device.
    • Cheetah — select 38400 (Baud) and NONE (Parity).
    • Cougar — select 9600 (Baud) and NONE (Parity).
  7. Press Extra Options and use the Option and Value knobs to set the device parameters.
    Option Value
    Src Xpts 255 (default)
    Dest Xpts 255 (default)
  8. Press HOME > Confirm.

To Set Up a Video Input

  1. Press HOME > Setup > Installation > Source Configuration > Input Type.
  2. Use the Input knob to select the input source that is coming from the router.
  3. In the Input Type area, select Router.
  4. Press More.
  5. Press Router Setup and use the Router knob to select the router that the video source is coming from.
  6. Use the BNC DST knob to select the destination, or output, on the router that is feeding the selected input BNC.
  7. Press Router Options and use the Level knob to select the level, or breakaway, that is switched on the router when a new input is selected.
  8. Use the Show Mnemonics knob to select whether the router source name is shown on the mnemonic for the selected input (Yes) or if the switcher source name is shown (No).
  9. Press HOME > Confirm.

Device Setup

The device must be set up to communicate with the switcher using the same serial or ethernet communications as you set the switcher up to use.

Note: This information in this procedure is provided as a guide and is based on the current version of hardware and software that was available at the time of testing. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, refer to the documentation that came with your device.

To Set Up Serial Communication on the Cougar

The Cougar Configuration must be configured to allow CPU-Link Protocol control on the port connected to the switcher. To accomplish this, follow the directions below using the Win3500Plus Control Software (valid as of version 1.2).

For more information concerning the set up and downloading of a Configuration, refer to the PESA documentation for the Controller

  1. Open the required Cougar Configuration.
  2. Open the Configuration\CPU Link... menu.
  3. Select the RS-422 port to configure.
  4. Configure this RS-422 port for the CPU Link Protocol using the following:
    • Baud - 9600
    • Parity - NONE
    • Data Bits - 8
    • Stop Bits - 2
  5. Exit this dialog box and save the configuration.
  6. Download the configuration to the controller by selecting System\Download Configuration to Controller.

Router Mnemonic Names

If your router/protocol does not support passing mnemonic names to the switcher, you can manually add those names. Refer to Router Mnemonic Names for more information.