TSL Tally Setup

The server can receive TSL messages from a downstream device to tally the channels on the server.

For example, when a production switcher takes the Channel A source from the server on-air, the switcher sends a signal back to the server telling it that Channel A is on-air and should be tallied.

Note: Tally information is shown on the Channel Label of a channel in Mira Explorer and the Quad Viewer output. You must have a Channel Label assigned to the channel for the tally information for that channel to be displayed (refer to Channel Label Setup). The Channel Label overlay must be visible on the Quad Viewer output for the tally information to be visible (refer to Quad Viewer Display).

The tally status is shown using the color of the background of the Channel Label.

  • Gray — the channel is not on program or preview.
  • Red — the channel is on program.
  • Green — the channel is on preview.
  • Amber — the channel is being recorded by a downstream device.
Note: TSL tally colors are set by how the protocol was implemented in the source device and may not be as listed above. Check with the device that is sending the TSL information to the server for information on how the protocol was implemented.