To Air a Play List

You can take a finished Play List on-air with one or two playout channels. They server will play through the clips in the list according to the Play List. Transitions between clips require two playout channels.

Note: If the ALWAYS use PVW/PGM pair in PLAY LIST AIR setting from the User Setup menu is set to ON, you will always use two playout channels for Play List playout control. If the option is set to OFF, you can manually select one or two channels for Play List playout control.
  1. If playout channel 1 is in Play List mode, press P1 > . You cannot gang channels together from Play List mode.
  2. Select number of playout channel(s) that you want to take the Play List on-air with.
    • 1-Channel — press P1 > PLAY LIST.
    • 2-Channel — press GANG > PLAY LIST.
  3. Press Edit Item Flags (10) > PLAY LIST Library (1).
  4. Select the Play List that you want to play and press PLAY LIST.

    The Play List is loaded and the playout channel is in PL EDIT mode.

  5. Press PLAY LIST again.

    The playout channels are in PLAY LIST mode. In 2-channel playout you will notice that the first item in the Play List is cued in P1 and the second item in the list is cued in P2.

    Tip: This is a good time to take a quick note of how the @START and @END flags are set for each clip in the list. You may have to press TAKE or turn LOOP off to advance to the next clip.
    Tip: If the current clip is set to loop, the icon is shown in the border of the playout channel and the LOOP button pulses green.
    Tip: You can set the entire Play List to loop by pressing SHIFT > LOOP. The icon appear in the border of the Play List and the LOOP button pulses amber. If the both the current clip and the Play List are set to loop, the LOOP button pulses between green and amber.
  6. Play the clip at the desired speed.
    • Normal Speed — press to play the clip at the speed set in the Play List.
    • T-Bar — move the T-bar to play the clip at a dynamic variable speed. The further you move the T-bar, the faster the clip plays. You can set the play speed of either limit from the User Setup menu.
    • Variable Speed 1 — press and hold DISABLE and move the T-bar to the speed you want to play the clip at and release the button, or enter the speed manually with the keyboard. The speed is shown in the SPEED PRESET field at the bottom right of the menu. Press VAR PLAY to play the clip at the variable speed.
    • Variable Speed 2/3 — press VAR 2, or SHIFT+VAR 2 (variable speed 3) to set the speed and press VAR PLAY to play the clip.
    Tip: If you need to skip a clip, or play a clip over again, you can use the and to select which clip is taken next on the Play List.
  7. Press EXIT to exit PLAY LIST mode and return to PL EDIT mode.