To Enable Aux Audio for a Play List

You can create an aux audio list that overwrites the clip audio and plays simultaneously with the clips as the Play List is aired.

Note: Aux Audio will always play at 100% speed, even if the video is playing at a different speed.

    The playout channel goes into PL EDIT mode.

  2. Press AUX AUDIO ENABLE (5) to toggle the feature on.

  3. Press Mira Clip Library (3) and select the audio clip that you want to add to the Aux Audio list.
  4. Add the audio clip to the end (Append) of the Aux Audio list.
    • Press APPEND to AUX Audio (9) to add the selected audio clip to the end of the Aux Audio list.
  5. Add the audio clip to a point (Insert) in the Aux Audio list.
    • Select the item in the Aux Audio list that you want to insert the audio clip above and press INSERT in AUX Audio (8).
    Tip: Press SHIFT > EXIT to switch between the Play List and the Clip Register.