Media-Store File Specifications

Media-Store images and animations can be TGA, PNG, or JPG file formats. For animations, the files must be numbered to indicate the order they go in, and the name and the number must be separated with an underscore. For audio, 20-bit or 24-bit wav files of the same name as the still or animation are used to associate audio with a still or animation.

  • Anim_001.tga
  • Anim_002.tga
  • Anim_003.tga
  • ...
  • Anim_100.tga

Together, these files are treated as a single animation named Anim that is 100 frames long.

Note: An animation must start with _001 as the end of the name of the first frame.

Files names cannot contain symbols such as ! @ # & * ( ) / , ? ' " and cannot start with an underscore (_).