To Pattern Mask a Key

Pattern masks can be adjusted for size, location, rotation, and multiplication.

  1. Click Navigation Menu > Live Assist > ME and select the ME and key that you want to set up.
  2. Click Mask > Pattern.
  3. Click Mask Force to force the area inside the mask region to the foreground.

    Force mask is not available for all key types.

  4. Click Mask Invert to invert the masked area with the unmasked area.

    The portion of the key that was masked out is now visible, and the portion that was visible is masked.

  5. Use the Size slider to adjust the size of the mask region.
  6. In the Mask Modifications area, click the pattern that you want to use for the mask.
  7. Use the X-Position and Y-Position sliders, or drag the Position cross-hair, to position the mask.
  8. Use the Aspect slider to adjust the aspect ratio of the mask.

    Not all patterns can be adjusted.

  9. Use the Size and Softness sliders to apply a border to the mask.

    Refer to the section To Apply a Border to a Pattern for information on borders.

  10. Use the Rotation slider to rotate the pattern.

    Not all patterns can be rotated.

  11. Use the HMultiply slider to multiply the pattern horizontally.
  12. Use the VMultiply slider to multiply the pattern vertically.