To Record a Custom Control

A basic custom control records a series of button presses on the control panel.

Tip: If the CCPaus feature is set to Record, pauses will automatically be added between button pressed. If it is set to Manual you will have go back and edit the custom control to add the pauses.
  1. Click Navigation Menu > Custom Control > Editor (Beta).
  2. Click Bank X to select the bank that the custom control you want to record will be stored on.
  3. Click the custom control to select the custom control that you want to record to. If the custom control already has a macro recorded, the name of the custom control is shown in the list.
  4. Click Record.
  5. Insert the events you want to record. These can include source selections, key types, transitions, and menu selection, for example. Special functions can also be inserted.

    Each custom control can have a maximum of 998 events, plus the End event.

  6. Press Stop Recording to finish recording.
    Tip: Press Cancel if you do not want to store your changes to the custom control.