Ultrix Router

This information in this document applies to the Ross® Ultrix router using the RossTalk protocol.

Note: Control of the Ultrix Router is not supported by the Carbonite or Carbonite Black switchers.

Cable Connections

The router connects to the switcher over ethernet.

Switcher Communications Setup

The switcher must be set up to communicate with the router using RossTalk.

To Set Up Ethernet Communications

  1. Press MENU > SYSTEM > NEXT > NEXT > Device Config
  2. Press Add and use the Slot knob to select an ethernet connection (Slot #).
  3. Use the Type knob to select RossTalk.
  4. Press NEXT.
  5. Use the SubType knob to select Ultrix_1.0.
  6. Press NEXT.
  7. Use the Field knob to select the segment of the IP address you want to edit and the Value knob to select the number.
  8. Press NEXT.
  9. Use the Option and Value knobs to complete the setup.
    Option Value
    Port Set the port on the device that you are connecting to. The default is 7788.
    Tip: If you are using multiple RossTalk connections, it is recommended that you increment the port number for each device.
  10. Press the Option knob and Confirm to add the device.

Switcher Video Setup

The switcher must be set up to associate the router controls with the video source coming into the switcher. When you select the source coming from the router on a bus, the menu jumps to the controls for that router.

To Assign a Router to a Video Input

  1. Press MENU > CONFIG > Input > NEXT.
  2. Use the Input knob to select the input BNC that is connected to the router.
  3. Press the Device knob.
  4. Use the Device knob to select the router you set up for the input BNC.
  5. Press the Device knob.

Ultrix Setup

Note: This information in this procedure is provided as a guide and is based on the current version of hardware and software that was available at the time of testing. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, refer to the documentation that came with your device.

Ultrix automatically accepts RossTalk commands on port 7788.

Ultrix RossTalk Control

The switcher interface allows you control a number of aspects of Ultrix.

Tip: All the Ultrix controls can be recorded to a custom control on the switcher.

To access the control options, press the video source button that you have set up as the video input from Ultrix.

Table 1. Ultrix Control
Menu Item Description
Salvo Select the router salvo you want to perform the Action on.
Action Select the salvo (Salvo) you want to fire and press the Trig Action button.
Clock Select the MV timer you want to perform the Action on.
Action Select the MV timer (Clock) you want to perform the Action on and select the Action.
  • Run — start or resume the selected timer/stopwatch.
  • Stop — stop the selected timer/stopwatch and reset to the default time.
  • Pause — pause the selected timer/stopwatch at the current time.
  • End — the selected timer/stopwatch has counted fully down to 0 time remaining.