GVG100 Setup

The information in this document applies to the GV Grass Valley® GVG100 editor protocol.

Although the switcher supports the GVG100 protocol, no device setup information is provided. Refer to the documentation that came with your editor for setup information.

Cable Connections

The editor connects to the switcher over an RS-422 serial connection directly to the switcher.

Tip: You can use a Moxa Nport® 5150A or Comtrol® DeviceMaster® to connect to the device over ethernet.

Editor to Carbonite Cabling

A serial cable is used to connect the editor to the switcher.

Table 1. Carbonite
Carbonite (Serial Port)
1 (Tx+)
2 (Tx-)
3 (Rx+)
6 (Rx-)
7 (GND)

Switcher Communication Setup

The switcher must be set up to communicate with the editor.

To Set Up Serial Communications

  1. Press MENU > SYSTEM > NEXT > NEXT > Device Config
  2. Press Add and use the Slot knob to select a serial connection (SP).
  3. Use the Type knob to select Editor.
  4. Press NEXT.
  5. Use the SubType knob to select the driver for your editor.
    • GVG100L_1.0 — supports the legacy set of GVG100 editor commands
    • GVG100_1.0 — supports the custom Ross® superset of GVG100 editor commands
  6. Press the SubType knob and Confirm to add the device.

GVG100 Editor Setup

Refer to the documentation that came with your editor for information on setting up your editor to communicate with the switcher. To communicate with the switcher, you must use the following communication settings:

  • 38.4k Baud
  • 8 Data Bits
  • 1 Stop Bit
  • Odd Parity