SoftPanel allows you to run the menu system of the switcher from a computer. The switcher treats the SoftPanel interface as a satellite panel, allowing it to control all aspects of the switcher that the menu system of a satellite panel can control.

The SoftPanel application uses the Oracle® VM VirtualBox to interface with the computer hardware and operating system, and connect to the switcher frame.

Keep the following in mind when using SoftPanel:

  • SoftPanel and the switcher must be on the same version of software.
  • Upgrading the switcher will not upgrade SoftPanel. You must download a newer version of the SoftPanel that is compatible with the new switcher software.
  • SoftPanel is an application running on a Fedora® system on the Oracle® VM VirtualBox Virtual Machine. Refer to the documentation that came with VirtualBox for information on configuring the virtual machine.
  • Ross Video recommends using a static IP address on the computer running SoftPanel.
  • SoftPanel is treated like a satellite panel by the switcher. All satellite panel permissions apply.
  • The Oracle® VM VirtualBox will prompt you to download and install new versions of the VM VirtualBox application. When you install the new version, the VM VirtualBox GuestAdditions that SoftPanel uses to interface with your computer hardware must be updated as well.
  • Not all menus and functionality are available when using SoftPanel. Panel Diagnostics and Calibration, ME Maps, and Positioner control are a few of the menus and functions that are not available.