To Set Up SoftPanel

  1. Run Acuity_SoftPanel.
    After SoftPanel loads, the Network Setup menu is displayed.
  2. In the Frame area, enter the IP address of the LAN 1 port on the frame in the IP Address field.
    Tip: If you have already connected to the frame before, you can select it using the Prev. Frame IPs knob.
  3. In the Panel area, press DHCP to have the IP address for the SoftPanel assigned, or enter a static IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway manually.
  4. Use the Panel ID knob to select the Satellite Panel ID that you want to use. You must select the same Satellite Panel ID on the Web Interface.
  5. Press Save to store the new network setup information.
  6. Press Yes to reboot SoftPanel and apply the new network settings.
  7. On your computer, open your Web Browser and, in the address bar, enter the IP address of your frame and press Enter.
  8. Enter your username and password when the Login Dialog Box appears. The default Name is user and Password is password.
  9. Click Other... > Network.
  10. Enter the SoftPanel computer IP address in the IP Address Satellite X field. The satellite number is the Panel ID that is set on the SoftPanel.
  11. Press Change and Reboot to restart the switcher and apply the new settings. After the frame reboots the Main Menu is shown on SoftPanel.