Modes of Operation

Each playout channel can be in different modes depending on what the action you are performing. The mode that a playout channel is operating in is shown at the top of the playout channel box next to the channel name.

Live EE Mode

In Live EE mode (Electronic to Electronic) the video fed out of the playout channel is the same as the selected camera source and is showing the live record point. The live record point is the point in the feed where the camera video is being recorded to the replay record train.

Playback Mode

In Playback mode you can replay a clip of an event that just took place. The clip is played on the selected playout channel.

Note: You must define and save the clip to the Clip Register for it to be available for playout at another time.

Clip Play Mode

The Clip Play mode allows you to view any local clip on the server that is being played out one of the playout channels. These server clips can be played, added to a Play List, or saved and trimmed to Bank 0.

Bank 0 is used to save server clips (Clip Library clips) so they can be trimmed and edited and made available in the replay modes.

Play List Mode

The Play List mode allows you collect and arrange clips into a list that can be taken on-air.

Note: Selecting a camera with the softkeys is not available when the server is in Play List mode.

Vue Mark Mode

The Vue Mark mode allows you to view a list of marks made in the current replay event. Mark points show timecode, camera, and a name (if applied).