To Load a User Setup File

User Setup files can be loaded either from the hard drive or a USB drive installed into the USB port on the Control Surface.

  1. Press MARK + SCROLL > User Setup Files (5).
  2. Select the drive where the file is stored.
    Note: If the file is stored on a USB drive, you must install the USB drive into the USB port on the front of the Control Surface.
    • Hard Drive — selected by default (press H: Drive (7) from USB selection)
    • USB — press Control Surface USB (7).
  3. Select the user setup file that you want to load and press LOAD File (1).
    Tip: To rename an existing file on the selected drive select the user setup file you want to rename, enter a new name in the ENTRY field, and press RE-NAME File (3).
  4. Press EXIT (10).