Memory Attributes

Memory Attributes allow you to specify what elements are recalled with a memory, as well as adding effects to memory recalls. These elements include the background/preset buses, keyer bus, Aux bus, and Media-Store selections, as well as keyer on-air status, and transition selections.

In addition to setting which sources to recall with the memory, effects such as performing an auto transition after the memory recall or running a custom control after the memory recall, can also be included.

Memory attributes can be set both when the memory is stored, and when it is recalled. This allows you to store a set of attributes with a memory and then recall it as stored, or override the attributes stored in the memory and apply different ones when the memory is recalled. A memory attribute does not need to be stored in the memory to be recalled.

Tip: It is recommended that if you are new to working with memories, use the memory store attributes to set how you want a memory to be recalled and set the recall attributes to be Memory.