DVE Keys

The DVE key allows you to apply digital video effects, such as scale, crop, aspect ratio, position, and border to video image or another key type. When the DVE is applied to another key type, it is said to be flying (Fly Key).

Tip: You can see where DVE channels are allocated from the Status page in DashBoard.

Keep the following in mind when working with a Fly Key:

  • The Fly Key feature consumes a single DVE channel for self keys and chroma keys, but two DVE channels for an auto select key.
  • The Fly Key feature is not available when the switcher is in Standard mode.
  • The Fly Key feature cannot be applied to a DVE key.
  • The Key Invert feature is not available for a Fly Key.
  • The self key Fly Key can be used with all MultiScreen layouts. The auto select key Fly Key can only be used with the Dual Vert or Dual Horiz MultiScreen layouts.
  • A chroma key should be initialized and adjusted before the DVE (Fly Key) is applied to it.