MultiPanel Setup

To set up a MultiPanel system, you must configure the network settings on each of the control panels and frame. Refer to Control Panel Network Setup for more information. Once the frame and control panels are able to communicate, you must assign MEs to the control panels and set up permissions.

The ME assignment sets which MEs a specific control panel has access to, and can control. The highest number ME assigned to a control panel is the program ME for that control panel. This ME is tallied for the control panel. The highest number ME assigned to a control panel in the entire switcher is the Program ME for the switcher. This is the ME that has the Mix/DSK and Preview Overlay options.

The Program and Preview outputs for the switcher are locked to the highest ME assigned to the switcher. If you are using different Program MEs for different control panels, you must assign an output BNC to the ME Program and ME Preview outputs for that ME.