MultiPanel Operation

Keep the following in mind when working with a MultiPanel configuration:

  • All control panels share the same Bus Maps, but which Bus Maps are assigned to each ME is specific to the panel. For example, on Satellite Panel 1 you can assign Bus Map 5 to ME. On Satellite Panel 4 you can also assign Bus Map 1 to ME 3, as long as both panels have ME 3 assigned to them.
  • If you want the Program ME of a panel to tally, and it is not the highest numbered ME, then you must set that ME to tally on that panel. Control panel tallies are control panel specific.
  • The fade to black only affects the MEs that are assigned to the control panel that the fade to black is performed on, and that fade to black is turned on for. Each control panel has a unique fade to black rate, but which MEs that fade to black is turned on for is common across all control panels.
  • The highest number ME assigned to each panel is tallied as the Program ME by default.
  • Custom controls only record actions for the MEs that are assigned to the control panel that the custom control is being recorded on. If that custom control is run on a different control panel, with different MEs assigned to it, the custom control still performs actions on the MEs that were assigned to the original control panel.
  • Only the Master panel has permission to access the Frame Diagnostics menu.