Assigning a Panel Row to an ME

Each panel row can be assigned to any ME that the control panel has permission to. The number of MEs you have to assign depends on the ME options you have purchased, and the hardware you have installed. Assigning panel rows to different MEs does not change the default ME mapping.

Keep the following in mind when assigning a panel row to an ME:

  • If you assign a Panel Row to a different ME, the accompanying Transition, Keyers, and Memory Modules are also assigned to that ME.
  • If you assign an ME to an External Panel Row that has an Auxiliary Control Panel on it, the Auxiliary Control Panel will remain assigned to the selected Aux Bus. ME assignments do not apply to Auxiliary Control Panels.
  • If an ME is not assigned to your control panel, you cannot select it.
  • If the Assign ME personality option is set to Off, you cannot assign a different ME to a panel row.