Half ME (Mix/DSK)

Each switcher comes with a half (0.5) ME that has limited functionality compared to a full ME. The half ME is always the highest number ME in the switcher and required no additional hardware.

Note: The Half ME option is not supported on the Evertz® IP Output board or when the switcher is operating in a UHDTV1 video format.

The number of keys depends on how the Mix/DSK option is set up. If Mix/DSK is set to Mix2K there are 2 keys and if it is set to Mix4K there are 4 keys. Both of these options lock specific output BNCs to the video signals being output by the Mix/DSK option.

Figure: Mix2K
Figure: Mix4K

Refer to Mix/DSK in the Setup Manual for information on turning the half ME on or off.

Note: References to ME refer to a full ME unless otherwise stated.
Table 1. Half ME vs. Full ME Comparison
Half ME Full ME
Included with Switcher Yes No (option)
Requires Additional Hardware No Yes (every odd number ME)
Program Assignable to any Output BNC Yes Yes
Proc Amps and Color Correctors No Yes
Keyers 4 8
Key Types Auto Select and Self Key Auto Select, Self Key, Chroma Key, Preset Pattern Key, and DVE Key
2D DVE No Yes
Transition Types Dissolve and Cut Dissolve, Cut, Wipe, and DVE
Output can be Re-entered to Another ME No Yes
Dual Border Generators No Yes
Advanced Pattern Generators No Yes
ME-Store No* Yes
Global-Store Access Yes Yes
Note: * You can re-enter an ME-Store onto the Half ME, but there is not dedicated ME-Store for the ME.