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An important notice about using phantom power.
A number of features have been added, or updated, to this version of software. This section provides a brief introduction to these features, and how to use them.
Connecting to the switcher sub-system and XPression, and an overview of the DashBoard interface to the switcher and some basic terms.
Information on setting up and using a control panel with your switcher.
How to perform transitions, using keys and key modifiers, memories and custom controls, as well as Media​-Store operation.
Graphite CPC uses XPression as the main video engine for the switcher. Video inputs and output pass through XPression to be controlled by the switcher. XPression must be configured to offer the best performance for the switcher functionality.
Reference and video I/O setup, canvas layouts, and signalling setup.
The frame simulator uses a VM VirtualBox Virtual Machine to run the Graphite software application. The simulator cannot pass video, but can be used to create offline switcher sets, prepare for upcoming shows, or training.
Switcher status menus and error conditions, installed options, calibration, diagnostics, and logs.
Upgrade the software on your system.
Switcher resources, video specifications, power rating, and port pinouts.
Information on setting up and controlling external devices from your switcher. This topic directs you to a separate help site dedicated to device support.