To Set Up a MultiViewer

Note: A MultiViewer must be assigned to a video output to be usable.
  1. Click Navigation Menu > Configuration > MultiViewers.
  2. Click the Layout button and select the arrangement of the boxes that you want to use for the selected MultiViewer.
  3. Use the Transparency slider to adjust the transparency of the background behind the source label for the selected MultiViewer.
  4. Click the Overlay button and click On to turn the overlay on, or Off to turn it off.
    Note: The overlay feature is only available when the switcher is operating in 1080i or 720p and a layout of less than 10 boxes is used.
    Tip: The overlay is primarily used for ViewControl, but can also be used to overlay a camera shot of a shot-clock over the MultiViewer output.
  5. Click the Source button for the video source that you want to overlay over the MultiViewer output.
  6. Use the Clip slider to adjust the clipping of the overlay source.

    At 0% the overlay source is completely opaque, and at 100% it is completely transparent.

  7. Click a Tally button to select how boxes on the MultiViewer are tallied.
    • Box — red or green border is shown around the outside of the MultiViewer box
    • Label — red or green boxes are shown inside the label area of the MultiViewer box
    • Label Reverse — the same as Label, but the placement of the tally boxes is swapped
  8. Click an FS Label button to select whether FSFC is shown on the source labels (On) or not (Off) when a FSFC is applied to the source.
  9. Click on one of the Boxes buttons and set up how that box appears on the MultiViewer.
    • Input/Output — select the video source or bus that you want to assign to this box on the MultiViewer. When you assign an output to a box, the switcher routes the source selected on that bus to the box, and not the output of the bus.
    • Green Tally — turn the preview (green) tally for the MultiViewer box on or off.
    • Red Tally — turn the program (red) tally for the MultiViewer box on or off.
    • Border — turn the border around the MultiViewer box off (Off), white (White), or black (Black). When the border is turned off, some distortion may be visible around the edges of the box.
    • Label — turn source labels for the MultiViewer box off, or on in a selected position
    • Label Pos — select a position for the source label for the MultiViewer box(Bottom or Top).
    • Aspect — turn aspect ratio markers for the MultiViewer box on (Aspect) or off (Off).
    • MultiSc X — turn the MultiScreen overlay on (On), or off (Off). The overlay shows what portions of the image are cropped out to fit into the output of the MultiScreen.