To Apply a RGB Color Correction to a Video Source

  1. Click Navigation Menu > Configuration > ProcAmps > ProcAmp.
  2. Click the ProcAmps and Color Correctors button and select the input or output that you want to apply the RGB color corrector to.
    Tip: If correction has already been applied (On), press Reset to return the Proc Amp and Color Correction to the default values.
  3. Click an Enable button to turn the color corrector on (On) for the selected input or output.
  4. Click the Component button for the individual color component (Red, Green, Blue) you want to adjust, or RGB for all of them.
  5. Use the sliders to adjust the color components.
    Tip: Click one of the Preset Color Temp buttons to apply a temperature color correction to the video.
    • Gain — adjust the gain of the component(s).
    • Offset — adjust the offset of the component(s).
    • Lower Offset — adjust the lower offset of the component(s).
    • Gamma — adjust the gamma value of the component(s).
    • Gamma Offset — adjust the gamma offset of the component(s).