To Assign a GPI to a Video Source

  1. Click Navigation Menu > Configuration > Inputs > Physical if you are setting up a physical input, or Internal if you are setting up an internal input.
  2. Click the GPO button for the video source that you want to assign a GPI output to.
    If you are using the GPI to control the device, the video source should be the video output coming from the device.
  3. Click the GPI output that you want to assign to the video source.
    Note: You must have GPIs set as outputs to be able to assign them to the video source.
  4. In the Predelay field, enter the pre-delay time, in frames, you want to use with the GPI output.

    When you transition a video source with a GPI assigned to it, and the Roll Clip feature is active, the switcher triggers the GPI output, and then waits the pre-delay time before performing the transition. The length of the pre-delay is usually the length of time your video server requires to start playing a clip or your character generator requires to load a page.