Installing Mira Explorer on a Remote PC

You can install the Mira Explorer application on a remote PC and connect to the server over ethernet to control channel transports.

You can download the installer file from

Keep the following in mind when setting up and using a remote pc to control a server:

  • Mira Explorer only runs on the Microsoft® Windows® 7 or 10 operating systems.
  • The Phoenix application needs access through the firewall on the server and remote PC. This will include the Windows® firewall, as well as any other network security applications operation on your PC or network.
  • A physical channel can only be assigned to one virtual channel. If you want to assign a channel transport on a remote PC to a physical channel on a server, you must unassign the physical channel from the server first and then assign a virtual channel on the remote PC to it.
  • Physical channels are identified by the server they are located on. The name of a server is shown in the upper-right corner of the Mira Explorer window.