To Export/Melt a Play List

Melt replay clips from a Play List to a standard server clip.

Tip: If you want to export/melt a clip from a single camera, press SHIFT and then the softkey for the camera you want to export. This works in any operational mode where the softkey buttons are assigned to cameras.
Tip: You can export/melt the clips from the Play Lists in a replay event from the Clip Library in Mira Explorer. Right-click on the replay event you want to export the Play List from and click Melt Replay Event. Select the Play List(s) you want to export and click Finish. Refer to To Export Media Files for more information.
  1. Press PLAY LIST > Edit Item Flags (10) > PLAY LIST Library (1).

  2. Select the Play List that you want to export and press LOAD PLAY LIST (1).
  3. Press Edit Item Flags.
  4. Press SHIFT > MELT PLAY LIST (2).
  5. Press the softkey for the export destination you want to use.
    Note: A yellow error message is shown if there is a problem exporting a clip. Check the export destination settings.

    Each clip entry turns green and (^) is shown next to the Clip ID as it is exported. The green highlight indicates that the clip has been exported. A green clip entry will not be exported again unless the clip is changed or the melt flag is reset. When a clip is changed the entry returns to normal and will need to be exported again. This allows you to create a master melt where only the new or altered clips are exported.

    Tip: Press SHIFT > RESET ALL MELT FLAGS (10) to clear the green highlights from all the clips. All the clips can now be exported again.