To Import a Clip from the Clip Library

You can load server clips into a replay event where they can be trimmed, edited, cued, and saved to the Clip Register (Bank 0).

  1. Select the playout channel that you want to load the clip into.
  2. Press Mira Clip Library (SHIFT+10).
    Tip: Only clips that are local and in the same video format that the server is operating in (cueable) are shown on the list.

    The Clip Library is shown at the bottom of the window.

  3. Select the clip that you want to use in the replay event. By default, the clip is loaded into the playout channel as soon as it is selected.
    Tip: Press APPEND to Play List (7) or INSERT in Play List (6) to add the selected clip to the current Play List. Append will add the clip to the end of the list and Insert will add the clip to the list before the currently selected clip.
  4. Press SAVE to save the clip to Bank 0 in the Clip Register.
  5. Press EXIT to exit the Clip Library.