To Open an Existing Replay Event from a Control Surface

You can open an existing replay event from within a replay event to copy clips from another replay event to the current one.

  1. Press SHIFT > SEARCH.

    The Select Event list is shown. Replay events on the server, and any network connected servers, are shown on the list.

  2. Select the replay event you want to load and press LOAD.
    Tip: Select a replay event and press Set Favorite (3) and select a softkey for the number you want to apply to the favorite. This allows you to quickly load that replay event at any time using the keyboard. For example, if you assign a replay event for favorite 3, you can quickly switch to that replay event by pressing Ctrl+3 on the keyboard. Press EXIT (10) to return to original replay event.

    The event opens in a new tab that allows you to select and append cameras to the Play List.

    Note: Appending a clip from a network server does not copy the clip to the server. The clip is only available as long as the remote server is connected.