Switcher Modes

The switcher mode allows you to set the features and resources that you want to have available on your switcher. Some feature and resources are not compatible with all switcher modes.

Note: The switcher mode can only be set from the control panel.
Table 1. Switcher Mode Features
Features Standard Mode DVE Mode
Carbonite Black
  • DVEs
4 8
  • FSFCs (fixed)
6 0
Carbonite Black+ (only has one switcher mode)
  • DVEs
  • FSFCs

Keep the following in mind when changing switcher modes:

  • The switcher supports synchronized and unsynchronized 1080p and 1080i inputs. The 1080i inputs are converted using a 4-line interpolator and may result in lower quality video.
  • In the standard mode on Carbonite Black, the FSFCs are fixed to the first 6 input BNCs.