Recalling Memories

When you recall a memory, the existing configuration of that ME is replaced with the settings stored in the memory.

Keep the following in mind when recalling memories:

  • How a memory is recalled depends on the how the Memory Attributes are set.
  • Recalling a memory that includes a new Media-Store image to be loaded from a USB drive may result in the currently loaded image to be displayed for a few frames while the new image is loaded.
  • Recalling a memory that includes a source assigned to a camera also recalls the shot stored in the memory for that camera if the CamRcl memory attribute is set to Recall. There is no delay in the memory recall so camera movement may be visible while the shot is recalled.
  • Enabling Memory AI mode changes the way key elements are recalled. If a key is currently on-air, the element for that key is recalled in the next available off-air key. If there is no available off-air keys, the element is not recalled. All resource sharing is set to FLOAT mode so that key elements may be recalled to other keys than originally stored.