Switcher Resources

The number of resources specific to your switcher depends on the options installed.

Tip: Carbonite eXtreme has the same resources as Carbonite.
Resource Carbonite Carbonite+ Carbonite MultiMedia
2D DVE Channels per ME (Max/Min)* 8/4
Aux Buses 8
Chroma Keys per ME 2 (floating)
Custom Controls 256 (8 Banks × 32 CCs)
Max Events per CC 998
FSFCs (Max/Min)* 6/0 24
GPI I/Os 34
Keyers per ME 4
Matte Generators per ME 2
Media-Store Channels 4
Media-Store CACHE 8 GB
Memories per ME 100
MEs (max) 2
MiniME™ Engines 4
MultiScreen Generators 2**
MultiViewer Boxes 16***
MultiViewer Layouts 39
MultiViewer Outputs 2
Pattern Generators per ME 2
Tallies 34
SDI Video Inputs 24
SDI Video Outputs 10
Frame IP
Panel/CarboNET IP


  • * The number of DVE channels and FSFCs that are available depends on the switcher mode you are in. This table assumes that all options are installed.
  • ** Each MultiScreen consumes MiniME™ engines to generate the output. The number of MultiScreen outputs that are available depends on the number of MiniME™ engines that are available.
  • *** The maximum number of MultiViewer boxes depends on switcher mode you are operating in.