MultiScreen / MiniME™

The MultiScreen allows you to output multiple video signals that can be combined into a single scene. The switcher treats the multiple outputs as a single background and translates the keys across the multiple backgrounds.

Keep the following in mind when setting up a MultiScreen environment.

  • The MultiScreen uses MiniME™ resources to provide the outputs. This allows you to have up to two DVE keys per screen of the MultiScreen. As a key crosses from one screen to the next, a key from either of the MiniME™ outputs is being used to provide the two halves of the key.
  • MultiScreen does not support chroma keys.
  • The MultiScreen can either take separate parts of a pre-tiled source, or scale a single source to the size of the MultiScreen output. When you use a pre-tiled source, you must assign sources to each MiniME™ that is used in the MultiScreen. This substitution table allows you to select a single source on the MultiScreen program bus and the switcher automatically assigns the required source to each MiniME™.