Working With Media-Store Audio

Audio can be added to the playout of a Media-Store channel either by loading the file directly, or by naming the audio file the same as the animation or still you want it to play out with. When you load the still or animation, the switcher will automatically load the audio file of the same name.

Keep the following in mind when working with Media-Store audio:

  • In Carbonite Media-Store audio is only available on the MultiViewer outputs. The source of the audio is set by the ancillary source that is selected for the MultiViewer.
  • In Carbonite Black Media-Store audio is only available on the AES output assigned to the Media-Store or MediaWipe channel.
  • Audio files must be 20-bit or 24-bit wav files at a 48kHz sample rate.
  • Audio files must be in the same folder and have the same name as the still or animation they are to be associated with.
  • An audio file does not need to be of the same length as the animation it is associated with.
  • A still with audio or audio only have the Auto Play and Looping attributes. These apply to the audio playout.
  • The looping time of an animation with audio is the length of the animation.
  • In Carbonite Media-Store audio is embedded in the ancillary data of the output video stream. You must have ancillary data set to pass to include the audio in the output.
  • A Media-Store channel can be loaded with Audio only.