AirCleaner® is a solid-state, all-digital video and audio delay machine for use in live-to-air television broadcasts. AirCleaner® is designed as a protection against "wardrobe malfunctions", spoken profanities, or any type of unwanted broadcast content. AirCleaner® offers multiple operating modes with the ability to mask video offenses with an auxiliary safe video source or a defocused live image. AirCleaner® will mask audio offenses with an auxiliary safe audio source or a mute.

AirCleaner® can be operated with either one or two screeners (operators that censor the live audio/video feed). In the case of two-screener operation, the total program delay internal to AirCleaner® can be divided between the two users (in any proportion desired).

AirCleaner® operates in either High-Definition (HD) or Standard-Definition (SD) digital video, with all of the popular video formats supported. AirCleaner® is equipped with 2 SD/HD SDI video inputs, 2 SD/HD SDI video outputs and has 1 analog reference input. AirCleaner® handles 8 channels (4 stereo pairs) of AES/EBU audio for each of the 2 video I/O streams. AirCleaner® can also utilized embedded audio in the SDI I/O streams.

Note: In SD 525 and 625 operation, AirCleaner® supports only 4-track (2 stereo pairs) of embedded digital audio, as defined by SMPTE specification.

AirCleaner® also features a single stereo analog audio monitoring output on a 3.5mm jack.

AirCleaner® comes in four configurations:

  • ACL-A — Max Delay 5sec(HD), 34sec(SD)
  • ACL-B — Max Delay 10sec(HD), 68sec(SD)
  • ACL-C — Max Delay 35sec(HD), 68sec(SD)
  • ACL-D — Max Delay 70sec(HD), 68sec(SD)