Software Status Overview

This page provides a list of all the functional components in the frame of the switcher. Components are identified by the slot in the frame they are installed in. For each of these components, the current version of software that is running on the it, the date of the software build, and the current status of the component are displayed.

  • Component — The name of the board or card that is installed in the frame.
  • Function — The function component on the board or card. These functional components can be chips, processors, or applications/processes running on the boards, cards or modules.
  • Slot — The slot on the front or rear of the frame that a particular board is installed in.
  • Version — The current software version and build number that is running on the component. If a component is running a different software version than the other components on the switcher, this may indicate a problem with that component.
  • Date — The date of the software that is running on the component. This is not the date that the software was upgraded, but the date that the software upgrade was created. This date, along with the version number, helps a Ross Video Technical Support person correctly identify the software you are running.
  • Status/Message — The status of the component upgrade.
    • Pending — requires upgrading and is in the queue to be upgraded.
    • In Progress — being upgraded.
    • No Status — has not reported a status. It could be rebooting, or there is a failure. If this message remains on for an extended period of time, contact Ross Video Technical Support.
    • Failed — reporting a failure to upgrade. Contact Ross Video Technical Support.
    • Initializing — being initialized.
    • Done — has been upgraded successfully.