Frame Synchronization / Format Conversion (FSFC)

The MultiProcessor Input board has input frame synchronizer / format converter (FSFC) and input de-interlacers that can be used to convert video input signals to the format that the switcher is operating in, as well as correct mistimed, or drifting, video input signal. The frame synchronizers cannot completely correct badly formatted video, mistimed switches, signal drops, or similar issues.

Each FSFC channel maintains a separate setting for different video formats. This lets you change between video formats without losing FSFC channel configurations.

The switcher has 8 FS and 8 FC channels that can be assigned to any input

Frame synchronizers are only available on the MultiProcessor Input board and cannot be used on an input that is not on that board.

Note: There are 8 frame synchronizers and 8 format converters that can work independently. If you are using a format converter to convert 1080p Level B, you can apply a frame synchronizer to that input.