Bus Maps

Any video input can be mapped to any source button on the control panel using a bus map. Bus maps can be assigned to individual buses on a specific ME, or to the entire panel. Each source button can have up to eight inputs assigned (a standard source and shifted sources).

In a MultiPanel configuration, all control panels share the same bus maps, but which bus maps are assigned to each ME is specific to the panel. For example, on satellite panel 1 you can assign bus map 5 to ME 3. On satellite panel 4 you can also assign bus map 1 to ME 3, as long as both panels have ME 3 assigned to them.

Keep the following in mind when working with bus maps.

  • You can map an input to more than one crosspoint.
  • Associate your primary inputs first, followed by your shifted inputs.
  • To save a button, you can assign Global-Store channel 2 to the shifted button of Global-Store channel 1.
  • You do not need to assign alpha signals to crosspoint buttons. These signals are used automatically when you select the video crosspoint of the auto key.
  • A different bus map can be assigned to the same ME from each control panel.