Conversion Loops

Each conversion loop has an output BNC that goes to the up/down converter and an input BNC that comes from the up/down converter. Along with the input and output BNCs, each conversion loop is assigned an input and output video format. This allows SmartConversion to route video signal that need to be converted to the proper format.

Tip: Up/down converters can only be used on a single video signal at a time. You should plan ahead to ensure that you will have enough up/down converters of each video format for all the video signals you will want on-air at any one time. This includes video signals that are being transitioned off-air.

A conversion loop ties an aux bus output and an input BNC together so that when SmartConversion sends a video signal out to an up/down converter, it knows on which input BNC the converted video signal is returned on.

Note: You cannot use an aux bus for SmartConversion and an AuxKey at the same time.