Network Security

The switcher uses a standard ethernet connection for communication between the control panel and the frame, as well as between some external devices and the switcher. Any time your switcher is connected to a public network, it is important to follow certain precautions to ensure that your switcher is not vulnerable.

  • Limit Access — Anyone who can access your network could also have access to your sensitive data and equipment. Limit network access by keeping your production equipment on a separate network segment or use a firewall. Contact your IT department for more information about how your network is set up.
  • Change Default Passwords — Change the web interface password for your switcher.
  • Disable Unused Services — The switcher provides access to a number of default services as listed below. These services can be disabled by Ross Video Technical Support if required for added security.
    • Web Server — This service is used for the web interface and is required for upgrades.
    • FTP — This service is used to transfer images and animations to the switcher for use with the internal Media-Stores.
    • Telnet Server — This service is used for diagnostic and maintenance purposes.