To Capture an Event for Live Replay

You can replay a clip instantly from a live recording. A playout channel must be in Live EE recording mode to be able to replay an event.

  1. Put the playout channels you want to use for a replay event in Live Record mode. Refer to To Put a Playout Channel in Live Record (EE) Mode for information on live record mode.
  2. Mark the clip when something interesting happens. You can either mark the point of interest (POI), end of the event (end-point), or start of the event (in-point). The remaining points are automatically marked according to the Auto-Mark In/Out point from the User Setup menu.
    • Point of Interest — press POI to mark a POI at the current timecode for all cameras. You can also press SAVE to store the event to the clip register.
      Tip: If you know the timecode of the event you want to replay, you can enter the new timecode in the ENTRY field and press GOTO TC to jump to that timecode.
    • Out-Point — press OUT to mark the out-point (end) of the event for all cameras.
      Tip: You can set the out point based on the live record when in Playback mode by holding and pressing OUT. This marks the out point at the current timecode of the live record (not the playback video).
    • In-Point — press IN to mark the in-point (start) of the event for all cameras.
    Tip: If you only need to mark events for later editing you can use the MARK function. Refer to Vue Mark Mode for information on marking an event.

Once an event is marked, you can play it back immediately using the GOTO buttons and the T-bar or VAR PLAY.