To Name a Clip

Once a clip has been defined and saved you can name the cameras in the clip to organise them for future use. A name can be applied to a single camera or all the cameras in the clip.

The preset names are set from the User Setup menu. Ensure that you have saved the text you want to use before trying to name a clip with preset names.
  1. Use the keyboard to enter the number of the Bank (0-99) that you want to store the clip to in the ENTRY field and press SHIFT > LOAD (BANK #).
  2. In the Clip Register select the clip and camera.
  3. Enter a custom name or use one of the preset names.
    • Custom — use the keyboard to enter the new name in the ENTRY field.

    • Preset — press the 8, 9, or 10 softkeys to apply text to the camera name. Additional text can be added to the name by pressing one of the 1-9 softkeys or using the keyboard.
  4. Apply the name to a single camera, or all cameras in the clip.
    • Single — press Enter on the keyboard.
    • All — press Shift + Enter on the keyboard.