Audio Breakout Module Setup

The 1RU Audio Breakout Module (ABM) provides the audio inputs and outputs, as well as the tally and GPI ports for the switcher. A video loop between the switcher subsystem and the 1RU Audio Breakout Module passes all audio signals, as well as the tally and GPI states.

Figure: 1RU Audio Breakout Module
Important: Ensure that Phantom Power is turned off for the Analog Input unless you are connecting a microphone that requires phantom power. Connecting the line out from an audio device to the analog input with phantom power on could damage the audio device and/or the 1RU Audio Breakout Module. For added safety, a TRS phone connecter should be used for line in audio sources.

The system must be set up for the number of 1RU Audio Breakout Modules you want to connect (up to three). Each ABM connects to different IN and OUT BNCs on the 4RU Integrated Production System.

Table 1. ABM Cable Connections
ABM 1* OUT 4 IN 12
ABM 2 OUT 3 IN 11
ABM 3 OUT 2 IN 10
Note: * Only the Tally and GPI ports on the first 1RU Audio Breakout Module (ABM 1) are available. The Tally and GPI ports on the remaining 1RU Audio Breakout Modules are not available for use.
Figure: First 1RU Audio Breakout Module Cabling