Playlists allow you to create a rundown of stills or animations that you want to load into a Media-Store channel. Using the left and right arrows, you can advance to the next or previous still or animation in the playlist.

Note: Items on the playlist are not pre-cached. As you advance to the next item in the list, the switcher must load that still or animation. Depending on what you are loading, and if the item has been loaded before, this could take a few seconds.
Figure: Playlist

Table 1. Playlist Controls
Icon Name Description
Previous Advance to the previous item in the playlist. The item in the playlist that is being shown on the Media-Store channel indicated with a check-mark. The playlist does not loop back to the top when it reaches the last item.
Next Advance to the next item in the playlist.
Up and Down Move the currently selected item up in the playlist.
Up and Down Move the currently selected item down in the playlist.
Delete Delete the selected item from the playlist. This does not delete the item, or clear the Media-Store channel.
New Playlist Clears the current playlist.
Load or Save Playlist Allows you to load, save, or delete a playlist on the switcher. If you delete a playlist that was loaded into a Media-Store channel, it does not clear that channel.
Expand or Collapse Expand or Collapse the playlist area for the Media-Store channel.