The MediaManager Window

The MediaManager window provides a graphical interface to the Media-Store. From this window, you can load stills or animations from the internal cache or USB into a Media-Store channel or edit the on-air properties. Media-Store channels have a red background when on-air and green when going on-air with the next transition.

Tip: The film-strip symbol () on a thumbnail indicates that the media item is an animation, the key symbol () indicates that the still or animation has an alpha, and the speaker symbol () indicates that the media item has audio associated with it.

Stills and animations can be loaded into a channel by either selecting the channel and double-clicking on the file, or by dragging a file and dropping it onto the channel. When a channel or file is selected, the properties for the animation or still can be viewed in the ITEM DETAILS area.

Note: If the files on your USB are new, it takes about 2 seconds per file for the switcher to generate the thumbnail for the MediaManager. Once all the thumbnails are generated, they are displayed in the MediaManager window.