Using MediaManager

To use the MediaManager, you must have a computer connected to the same subnet as the switcher, the IP address of your switcher, and the Google Chrome™ browser installed on your computer. In the web browser, navigate to the IP address of the switcher, the MediaManager is displayed.

When you are communicating with the switcher, a moving status indicator is shown in the lower right corner of the browser window. If you lose communications with the switcher, refresh the browser window to reconnect. Refreshing the browser will reset your Perspectives.

Keep the following in mind when logging in and using the MediaManager:

  • Ross Video recommends using Google Chrome™ v14.0 running on Microsoft® Windows® 7 or Macintosh® OS X® Lion to connect to the MediaManager.
  • Your browser must have Oracle® JavaScript® and cookies enabled.
  • Ross Video recommends that you do not connect more than 5 MediaManager clients to a single switcher at the same time.