Understanding the Transition Menu

When you select a transition type button, the menu system displays a number of options that allow you to adjust how a transition is performed or appears. The options that are available depend on the type of transition that is selected.

Table 1. Transition Menu Items
Menu Item Description
Time selects the amount of time (Transition Rate), in frames, that an auto transition takes
RlClip selects whether GPI outputs assigned to input sources are triggered before a transition
DisTyp selects whether the dissolve is a standard dissolve or a WhiteFlash transition.
Dirctn selects the direction that the wipe is performed (forward or reverse), as well as turns the Flip-Flop feature on or off
Key X selects the amount of time, in frames, that an auto transition dissolve for the keyer takes
Pattrn selects the pattern for the wipe transition
X Pos selects the horizontal position for the wipe pattern
Y Pos selects the vertical position for the wipe pattern
Aspect selects the aspect ratio for the wipe pattern
Border turns the border feature on and selects the size of the border on the wipe pattern
Soft selects the amount of softness that is applied to the wipe border
Load selects the color for the wipe border from a pre-set list
BHue adjusts the hue of the wipe border color
BSat adjusts the saturation of the wipe border color
BLum adjusts the luminance of the wipe border color
Rot selects the rotation for the wipe pattern
HMult multiplies the wipe pattern horizontally (1-32)
VMult multiplies the wipe pattern vertically (1-32)
Browse selects an animation for a media transition
Attrib used with the Value knob to adjust parameters for the MediaWipe (Media-Store Attributes)
Func selects how the Attrib adjustments are saved
Limit turns the Transition Limit feature on or off
Effect selects the pattern for the DVE transition