Understanding the Attributes Menu

When you select a still or animation, the menu system displays a number of attributes that allow you to adjust how a the image or animation appears. The options that are available depend on the type of Media-Store image or animation that is selected.

Table 1. Attributes Menu Items
Menu Item Description
X Pos selects the horizontal position of the image or animation
Y Pos selects the vertical position of the image or animation
Shaped selects shaped or unshaped for the alpha of the image or animation
Looping selects whether the animation loops automatically or not
Reverse selects whether the animation plays in reverse or not
AutoPly selects whether the animation starts playing automatically when taken on-air or not
Speed selects the speed that an animation plays at (0.1-10)
MediaX selects the media number that you want to use to recall the still or animation
CutFr selects the point, in frames, from the start of the animation that the background transition occurs
GPO selects the GPI output that you want to trigger by a media transition
GPOFr selects the time, in frames, from the start of the media transition that the GPI output is triggered
Mute selects whether the associated audio is turned on or off during playback