To Set Up the Recall Mode Memory Attribute

  1. Click Navigation Menu > Live Assist > Memory > Recall.
  2. Click a Recall Mode button to select the memory recall mode you want to use.
    • Memory — the memory recall mode (Program, MemoryAI, or Effects Dissolve) stored with the memory is used
    • Program — all elements are recalled as stored (default)
    • MemoryAI — current on-air elements are unchanged and the transition area is configured to take the on-air elements of the memory on-air with the next transition
    • Effects Dissolve — on-air elements listed below are transitioned to the elements stored in the memory
      • Matte colors (background, wash or borders)
      • Keyer settings like clip, gain, transparency
      • Mask position and size
      • Chroma key settings, except the background color
      • Pattern settings like size, position, aspect, border, softness, rotation
      • DVE settings like size, position, aspect, border, softness, cropping
      • Media-Store x/y position
      • Transition Progress